Saturday, December 23, 2017

Update: The Expert

Attached is a draft of The Expert class, a d6-skill based class for the Wildwood Manuscripts and other old school style ruling games. It is simply a mortal man with insight on how people and individuals work, as well as a few skills from their old days being a filthy normie who didn't really need to get involved in the untoward shenanigans of adventuring.

It is based on Beyond the Wall style rulings, using a d6-based skill set a la Lamentations of the Flame Princess. The goal behind the class is to represent a normal human being who has chosen adventuring but lacks the refined skills of a warrior who has devoted their life to killing, or any sort of someone who has devoted their life to adventuring pursuits.

Skills are meant to be specific but broad, nothing that should be hard codified like "Diplomacy" but rather things that imply a level of specific tactical acumen. Like climbing under duress, or keeping a horse calm.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Yoon-Suin: Food for a Yellow City

Figured I ought to update the blog. Been busy lately with some full-time teaching work, but things should lighten up by around the 23rd, at which time I can begin working on the Wildwood Manuscripts again in full. Until such a time, here's a randomizer table for weird meals that could be purchased in David McGrogan's Yoon-Suin setting. I'd say that they cost a fine copper or two and could be served up in certain ways to make them at home among the cockroach clans or the uppercrust brahmin slugmen.

Yellow City Food Randomizer Table
1Deep-fried crabman zoea on bolani flatbread
2Velvet worm lobopod curry
3Longpig back bacon kabob
4Prostitute's severed sweet-meats on a mint sprig
5Scorched axolotl on garlic naan
6Steamed starfish stomach spread on sourdough naan
7Salt-boiled planarian with sweet luchi
8Pickled nudibranch pseudopods with bitter chickpeas
9Broiled limpet tongues on panir cheese
10Caramelized grasshopper thoraxes with dosa pancakes
11Grilled dolphin snout stuffed with shredded mango skins
12Oyster and prawn mash with fresh chutney
13Fermented squids & bitter melons stuffed with cashews
14Thrice-spiced beef chunks stuffed in an eggplant
15Barnaclid meat stitched into a banana rind
16Mola filet with fat and currant seasoning
17Chunky tofu clumps drowned in spicy mustard
18Brine-soaked fugu fish with guava jam
19Fresh moray offal with zucchini kofta
20Diced monkey meat served in a coconut

Yellow City Food Randomizer Table
1Water chestnuts boiled in coconut milk
2Mango spears with cinnamon
3Peeled grapes in a shallow pool of goat milk
4Boiled bamboo shoots with mango jam
5Crispy puffed rice with fried cashews
6Peanut, cashew, and almond nut medley
7Coconut flesh with currants
8Potato straws, peanuts and raisins
9Carrot milk gelatin with swamp apple slices
10Golden raisin pudding with mushrooms
11Shredded carrot spread with pistachios
12Lemon-lime cheese fudge with mint springs
13Fried chickpea and bean curd kofta balls
14Tangerine spiced with peppers
15Broiled banana with toasted almonds
16Raspberry stuffed grapes
17Sliced apples with coconut cream spread
18Honeydew, cantaloupe and blueberry with honey-lime dressing
19Grilled ginger with cardamom seeds
20Creamy pineapple with ghee butter and cinnamon shavings for taste

Yellow City Food Randomizer Table
1Short grain black rice with peas
2Long grain brown rice
3Short grain white rice
4Sticky white rice
5Long grain yellow rice
6Pork fried rice
7Limpet fried rice
8Brown rice with radishes
9White rice with bean curds
10Tuna fried rice
11Long grain red rice
12Slimy short grain grey rice
13Fermented white rice
14Long grain blue-white rice
15Short grain golden-yellow rice
16Long grain thrice-blessed rice
17Druk Yulian short grain silver rice
18Long grain topaz rice with ox chunks
19Split grain pink rice with zebra mussels
20Long grain brown rice with green beans

Friday, October 20, 2017

State of the Goblet - October 2017

Just a small update, as things are actually happening. I'm working on a Horror game which I hope to have finished tonight and properly laid out shortly thereafter.

Firstly, the second Chromatic Soup is done. Grab it here! Its a nice slice of Americana goodness, hobos, demons who fell up to earth, and floral hellscapes.

The Wildwood Manuscripts are nearing completion. The goal is to do a zine proper, cover a region, and then cover that region through various seasons of change and threat pack/module based incidents. But first things first is to make a gameable material product, which is what the first issue will be.

Part I: Eight Classes, 200 spells (all designed without levels), Random Generators for Class-Specific Gear, and Class Specific Rumors. Basic rulings spelled out in two pages, this is an OSR game with ascending AC (base 10) and d6-based (Number-in-6) Skills.

Part II: Random Generators for Shoddy, Exquisite, and Mundane Arms, Equipment, and Armour. So each character can have a bit of style to them beyond just "short sword." Plenty of fluff to it, but I think that's useful.

Part III: Given the WWMs are inspired by Beyond the Wall's choice of rulings (on some level, there's some LotFP in there) it felt only right to do some Adventure Party Generators for how you all know one another or have met in the past. Generators are for: The Mercenary Outfit, the Expedition, the Pilgrims, and the Deserters. Different classes have some specific options of fluff to choose. Used to generate starting hirelings/henchmen, and rumors the party knows.

Part IV: The Journey. Finalized "Wanderlust" rules from my first post on the blog, with random generic encounters for each of the roles. This took a bunch of effort to write. It was very tiring to do so. I think it'll be fun to have the encounters/incidents, even if you don't run with the system.

It is long at the moment, it might be trimmed a little. Not much setting to it beyond implications in the classes, but that's sort of the point. Ultimately even if folks don't like my choice of rulings, I hope they can at least use the rulings.

Working with an illustrator on it too. Art order for: the Eight Classes, Weapons, and Armor.
Maybe some spot art if need be. We're trying to cultivate an aesthetic for this, while not making it so colorful that none can afford it being printed.

That being said, may as well be lavish if I can.

I want this out by Late November at the latest. Its about 75% done text-wise, just a matter of making sure it all vibes well and has a semblance of balance. I hate writing spells, but they're important enough.

Depending on how dead I am at that point, it'll likely be a quarterly thing.

Should have a few more things for the blog shortly, but I'm busy at the moment. I'll also be participating in this year's Santicore. Should be fun.

- Brian.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Wildwood Manuscripts: The Elf [WIP]

The Elf [Fluff]
Upon the first rising of the sun upon the world, the Elfs emerged; naked save for starlight and hedonistic beyond belief. They sang in tune with ancient wicked gods, and from their lips and glistening flesh emerged all things of nature. Trees of thorns, flowers that breathed forth dark dreams, and blackest mold sprouted from their steps. The world was a magical place in those ancient days, but God had to grace the world with his presence; and as such the Elfs fell to damnations most dire.

Prince Nuada was hella cool.
The ordaining of the world shattered the least of the Elfs into miasmic clouds of fey dust, with the strongest of their kind being forced to align to the new ways in which the world spun. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter became their blood, and when one was in concordance with the season of the world they could almost taste the sensations of the primal world. But it would always be stolen away as the seasons shifted to the next, providing a new high for some and a wretched low for all others.

When Elf first came into interaction with Man, they saw the flame imperishable of God’s gift; the immortal soul; and in their jealousy engaged in petty skirmishes. Man and Elf warred at times, married at others, and to this modern era many an Elf is still known to pilfer a child from its crib so as to attempt theft of that soul and its power. As reaction to their thefts, God made silver and loyal steel their bane; so that man might better combat them. The most ancient of Elfs remember ancient cities of silver most true, now abandoned to the wilds due to their painful touch.

Elfs are strange, by mortal standards, though to Troll or Dwarf they are not altogether odd. They never need to sleep when their season has begun, making them pursuit hunters worthy of great fear and respect. They can see the lingering remnants of the magical world that was, noticing lies and obscured things as though no obfuscation could take place. They lack a soul, much like a Dwarf or a Troll; which is to say that fiends and the holy hosts of Heaven care little for them beyond use as catspaws and pawns. However unlike other primordial beings they are bound to the cycles of fate, to the seasons, and in seasons antithetical to their own they find themselves greatly diminished.

I love the Lorwyn Elf aesthetic.

Why should one adventure with an elf? Well, one should consider that an elf is an immortal spirit that is likely well-learned in ancient lore. They are strong in the use of magic, with powers granted to them on their season of alignment. They can, for a period of time, work without need of rest; and their eyes see strange truths where others see only lies. It should also be considered that despite their tenuous history with humanity, most of the bigotry aimed against them is little more than folktales to the average human. An elf is always something most folks will wish to meet, if only for rumors of the ancient world and to see their glamorous beings.

The Elf
Hit Dice: d6
Initiative Bonus: +1

Saving Throws
Class Feature
Dragon Spume
Spells Known

The Elf [Mechanics]

Silver Sickness & Weakness to Cold Iron: As elfs are the quintessential fey, they are cursed by God to be sickened at the touch of silver and iron. When an elf touches an item of silver their skin will take on a sickened pallor like a drowned corpse, becoming slimy to the touch for the remainder of the day. Elfs also suffer double-damage when struck with iron weapons.

Sights Unseen: Elfs know how the world looked in ancient times and as such illusions and falsehoods are easily discerned. An Elf can find hidden doors and things, see invisible creatures, and see magic naturally at a rate of 3-in-6. They may also detect lies and mistruths at the same rate, though they cannot discern the truth at a success; merely that someone is attempt to trick them.

Bound Fey: All Elfs are bound to one of the four seasons, though they may change which season they are aligned to by way of painful transformation or entering a portal into the fairylands during a season other than their own. During their season, an Elf does not need to sleep to recover health and they need not eat either (save for their own enjoyment). During the season antithetical to their own (Spring and Autumn, Summer and Winter) they are diminished, suffering Disadvantage on a single roll per day at the GM’s request.

Spells: An Elf knows a number of spells as determined by their level plus their Wisdom modifier (meaning an Elf with a Wisdom modifier of +1 would begin with 3 Spells.) The spells an Elf may know are determined by what season the Elf belongs to, as well as a generic list of spells any Elf may know. An Elf must change their spells to the next season whenever they undergo a seasonal change. An Elf may research / memorize spells as per the usual rules, though they may not cast spells if the world is in a season antithetical to the season the spell is from (such as casting a Summer spell in Winter, even if memorized.) An Elf may cast a spell as many times as they desire until it fails, at which point they must wait until the dawn of the next day to cast that spell again.Elfs do not suffer any additional penalty when they fail a spell-casting roll.

Elf Seasons: An Elf changes seasons by way of a painful shedding of their flesh, doing so either by choice when the natural world changes seasons, by going into the fairylands, or once every generation without choice. An Elf who changes seasons must roll a Save vs Enchantment, on a failure losing the ability to cast spells for 1d4 hours per level.

d4 Result
Elf Season

Spells of Spring
  1. Stormsworn - So long as the caster keeps their eyes on the sky, they and a number of allies equal to their level, suffer no ill misfortune from the weather. Downpours seem only to mist upon them, gale winds barely ruffle their clothing, and blasts of air do not send their arrows in incorrect directions. This spell lasts a number of hours equal to the caster’s level.
  2. Riddle of the Heart - By placing their finger into a drink or item of food, the caster may implant a number of impulses into the head of the victim equal to their level. These impulses will not cause the target to act outside its own safety, but they can cause them to do foolish things or act on hidden urges the caster is aware of. The impulses must be chosen at the time of casting, and the victim may Save vs Enchantment if the impulse would cause them trouble; though even on a success they are not aware they’ve been bewitched.
  3. Rejuvenating Touch - If the caster places a hand over the heart and mouth of their target, they may immediately heal that target an amount equal to a roll of the target’s Hit Dice + the caster’s level. Wounds bind themselves shut, scars fade, and serious injuries can stabilize though will not heal fully without proper medical aid.
  4. Wood Warp - The caster may shape wood with their hands as though it were soft clay. They may order wood to splinter, shatter, rot, or blossom with new life.
  5. Bloom - The caster beckons forth nearby plant life to blossom into life. Flowers bloom, trees become fruitful, and vines become thick as ropes. Creatures who are plant-like in origin gain an additional HD of health, but suffer disadvantage to act against the caster. The caster may cement such creatures into the ground by demanding their roots to do so.
  6. Spring Showers - The caster may with a simple nod of their head, cause stormclouds to gather and rain to fall. The rain will fall for a number of hours equal to the caster’s level. If the caster makes a Charisma check, they may order lightning to strike from these clouds, dealing 1d12+Level damage per check. This spell may only be cast outside.
  7. Renewal - The caster may with a touch repair an object back to its original state. This will fix damaged armor, a hole in a boat, or a notched sword; but it cannot return enchantments back to such items.
  8. Dawn - The caster invokes the dawn, granting a number of creatures equal to the caster’s level a chance to make Save vs Enchantment, awakening anyone within a hex that the caster desires, and / or forcing restless spirits back into their haunts. The effects of this spell are immediate, though any spirit disturbed by the spell may manifest again after a number of hours equal to the caster’s level.
  9. Dove of the Morning - The caster conjures forth into their hands a dove, which will relay a message in the caster’s voice to a target within a number of hexes equal to the caster’s level. The dove is made of cloud stuff and cannot be caught or harmed.
  10. Rites of Hospitality - With a subtle glance, the caster may charm a victim into acting in the best interest of the party; provided no violence will knowingly come to someone in the victim’s immediate charge. The victim remains charmed for a number of minutes equal to the caster’s level, after which they are immune to this spell for 1d4 days.
  11. Doldrums - The caster yawns and the target begins complaining about boredom and dissatisfaction for a number of minutes equal to the caster’s level, during which time they will skirt their duties in favor of complaints. The victim can Save vs Enchantment to halve the effect.
  12. Ecstasy - A flirtatious gesture causes a number of targets equal to the caster’s level to be stunned by waves of pleasure and hedonistic delight. The targets are stunned for 1d4 rounds, during which they stumble about as though drunk and aroused.

Spells of Summer
  1. Sunlight - By outstretching a hand, the caster can bring forth a globe of golden sunlight which illuminates everything within vision as though it were daylight for a number of minutes equal to the caster’s level. Creatures weakened or harmed by sunlight suffer the usual effects. The globe is warm to the touch but utterly intangible for other purposes.
  2. Cloud Visage - The caster may project themselves as a paredolic figure in the clouds, allowing them to see from a bird’s eye view for a number of hexes equal to 2d10+Level. They cannot see in great detail, but would be able to easily notice burning cities or a camp fire’s light at night. Those the caster has given a token or service to can be spoken to by the caster should they be looking up at the sky. The spell lasts 1d6 minutes.
  3. Screaming Mandrake - The caster can turn a root vegetable into a shrieking terrible bogun which upon being touched by any mortal hands will begin screaming for a number of rounds equal to the caster’s level. The scream deals 1d4 damage per round to all who can hear it, and anyone who holds it is deafened for 1d4 days. After the plant is done screaming, it shrivels up to look like a shrunken head.
  4. Hawk’s Eye - The caster grants perfect vision to a target, allowing them to roll with advantage when attacking or looking for something. This spell lasts for a number of minutes equal to the caster’s level.
  5. Summer of Youth - The caster imbues youth upon their target, granting them advantage on Strength, Dexterity and Constitution rolls for a number of hours equal to the caster’s level. During this time they take upon a more youthful appearance, as though they were in the prime of their lives. Casting this spell upon a young adult or anyone who has yet to reach their prime reduces their age by 1d4 years.
  6. Ferocity - The caster pounds on their chest, rousing the fury of their compatriots. A number of allies equal to the caster’s level may increase the damage their melee attacks deal by one dice increment (d4 to d6, d6 to d8, et cetera.) This bonus exists for however many rounds the caster pounds on their chest, though they may shift to another loud act of percussion if their hands are needed. Upon ending this drumming, those affected must Save vs Sorcery or become fatigued.
  7. Beatific Sun - This spell must be cast at any time other than night. The caster imbues sunlight into the target, permeating their flesh and soul. The target is able to see in darkness for a number of hours equal to the caster’s level, is warm to the touch, is immune to the damages of fire, and their face appears to be featureless and golden. After the spell wears off, the target falls limp and cold for 1d4 minutes.
  8. Baleful Polymorph - The caster may curse the target, shifting one aspect of their person (head, hands, legs, arms, genitals) into an aspect resembling an animal. This curse lasts a number of days equal to the caster’s level. The caster may sacrifice a spell per day to keep the curse going for an additional d6 days per daily sacrifice.
  9. Breathless - The caster shuts their mouth firmly, and doesn’t need to breathe for a number of hours equal to their level. They may cast the spell on others by placing an object they own into the mouth of the target, so long as their mouth remains closed they too do not need to breathe.
  10. Heat Shimmer - The caster holds a hand outstretched and the heat within 20 feet around the caster becomes balmy and dizzying. Those who enter that space with intent to harm the caster suffer disadvantage on attacks due to the heat, and if they remain within that space for more than 1d4 rounds, they become fatigued.
  11. Exhalation of Purity - By exhaling sharply, the caster blows away any gasses, fogs, miasma, dust, smoke, or poison cloud within 20 feet. The caster may choose instead to inhale these dangers, making a Constitution check, which upon passing allows the caster to exhale the content safely within a number of rounds equal to their level. If the check is failed, they suffer the ramifications of their foolishness.
  12. Night Songs - By humming a low tune, the caster may enter the spirit world, leaving their body in a catatonic state of constant low chanting. While in the spirit world, the caster may only be harmed by means that would harm a spirit. If this spell is cast at night, the caster is possessed by starlight and does not fall into a catatonic state. They may interact with the spirit world as though it were the physical world, and anything they wield is similarly touched by starlight and able to harm spiritual entities with a bonus to damage equal to the caster’s level.

Spells of Autumn
  1. Blight - Plants and organic matter within 20 feet of the caster begin to rot, wilts, and sprouts with fungi. Plant creatures take Ld10 damage, while normal creatures take 1d4+L damage.
  2. Creeping Sickness - The caster makes a beckoning motion and the victim slowly has the health sapped from them for a number of hours equal to the caster’s level. Each hour the victim takes 1d4 damage and must Save vs Enchantment or become sickened for a number of days equal to the caster’s level. Upon becoming sick, the victim no longer suffers damage from the spell.
  3. Harvest Moon - This spell must be cast during the evening or at night. A number of targets equal to the caster’s level may work through the night without need for rest, provided they are performing a labour, march or a hunt. They cannot suffer fatigue during this time.
  4. Wild Hunt - The target of this spell grows a pair of thorned antlers upon their head and their eyes shift into those of a wolf. For a number of nights equal to the caster’s level, the target is able to sense the presence of prey animals and individuals who are feeling a sense of fear or dread. If the target kills a sensed creatures, it gains a +1 bonus to damage for the following the night. If the antlers are ripped from the head of the target, there is a 1-in-20 chance the target will transform into a wolf for the remainder of the spell’s effects.
  5. Dread Whispers - The caster whispers low under their breath and all animals within a 50 feet must pass a Morale check or become shaken, cowed, or otherwise cautious and fearful of the caster.
  6. Elf King’s Pursuit - The caster becomes semi-intangible as though they were a ghost, and they may travel at inhuman speed (a number of hexes per hour equal to their level); but only in pursuit of a victim, quarry, or someone they intend to harm. They cannot enter houses, cities, or blessed places while under this spell. This spell lasts a number of hours equal to the caster’s level.
  7. Harvest Rations - The caster is able to make a single serving of rations feed a number of individuals equal to the caster’s level. The rations bloat inside the stomach of those who eat it, and eating this way more than twice in a row requires a Save vs Substance to avoid being sickened.
  8. Blood Moon - This spell must be cast at night. The caster must inflict damage equal to their level with a bladed instrument, but in doing so the moon in the sky turns red. Spirits are able to be harmed by physical weapons, predatory animals within the caster’s hex may now speak, and anyone who attacks in an aggressive stance does an additional +1d4 damage. This spell lasts a number of hours equal to the caster or until dawn rises.
  9. Sin-Eater’s Touch - The caster may transfer a number of diseases, parasites, or illnesses equal to their level form one individual to another, though the effects of this last only for a number of hours equal to the caster’s level before the contagions return to their original source.
  10. Spirit Mask - The caster may conjure forth a number of wooden masks equal to their level. Those who wear the mask may see ghosts and spirits, and be assumed by those entities to be ghosts or spirits at a rate of 4-in-6. These masks rot away by the following dawn.
  11. Black Hound - The caster howls, and in the distance a horrific howl is barked in response. Mortal creatures must make a Morale check or become shaken. Those who flee are hounded by a shadowy beast who will attack and deal 1d8 damage a number of times equal to the caster’s level before vanishing.
  12. Cloak of Autumn - The caster bestows a conjured cloak of leaves upon a target, which lasts for a number of hours equal to the caster’s level. Whosoever wears this cloak can hide in wilderness at a rate of 4-in-6 and move without making a sound while in the woods.

Spells of Winter
  1. Form of Frost - The target becomes an intangible bluster of snow and air, able to chill things, fly, and effectively vanish for a number of minutes equal to the caster’s level.
  2. Heat Theft - The caster steals away warmth from a target by way of a touch, fatiguing them after one round, and dealing 1d4+Level damage for each additional round that touch is maintained.
  3. Hibernal Warmth - The caster may touch an individual and put them into a comatose state for 1d4 hours, during which they heal as though they were resting comfortable for an equal number of days. The elements do not harm the individual under this spell.
  4. Chill Steel -  The caster may painfully chill metal, forcing those hit with the spell to either drop what metal they are holding or suffer 1d8 + Level in damage.
  5. Winter’s Flesh - The target’s skin becomes pale as alabaster and they suffer no need for warmth for a number of hours equal to 1d8+Level.
  6. Icicles - The caster may conjure forth magical a number of icicles equal to their level which deal 2d4 damage when touched. The icicles may be used as weapons and will drop from heights if ordered to.
  7. Northern Winds - The caster exhales a powerful gust of chilling air, knocking back enemies a number of yards equal to the caster’s level. If the victims are not wearing winterized clothing, they suffer 1d8+Level in damage.
  8. Boreal Songs - The air around the caster begins blowing strangely and harsh whispers speak on the wind. Those affected by the spell suffer disadvantage while attacking, as though they were fighting in darkness. The songs speak to them of their deaths.
  9. Thin the Air - The caster inhales a sharp breath and the air within the immediate area becomes ungodly thin. Those affected by the spell must make a CON save or suffer disadvantage on attacks due to dizziness.
  10. Mantle of Winter - The caster imbues the essence of Winter upon a target, granting them immunity to cold and frost, and a 1d8 freezing breath weapon. The target also suffers weakness to fire, which deals double damage. The effect lasts a number of hours equal to the caster’s level.
  11. Shatterfrost - The caster chills the soul of a weapon or armor to horrific brittleness. If the weapon rolls a critical hit or a critical failure it shatters into a million pieces. If the armor is struck with a critical hit it shatters and deals 1d10+Level damage to the victim. This affects items of metal, bone, stone or wood.
  12. Shield of Ice - The caster causes the air to freeze solid when a blow might strike them, forming a shield that blocks the caster’s level in damage, for 1d4 rounds.

Generic Elf Spells [Any Season May Have These]

  1. Faerie Fire - A beautiful fire erupts around the target, making them very apparent and obvious. The target cannot hide, even through magical means, and suffers irritating itches for a number of rounds equal to the caster’s level, reducing their AC by 2. If the target is wearing loyal iron or silver armor, the faerie fire will not illuminate such parts.
  2. Sleep - The caster closes their eyes and takes a breath, outstretching a hand. A number of victims equal to their level become drowsy and begin to sleep. If left undisturbed for a turn, they will lay down and slump off to sleep for a number of minutes equal to the caster’s level in d4s.
  3. Delusions of Pride - The caster shakes their hands wildly and the victim begins to realize how much better than everyone else they are. The victim will not fail any morale checks for the remainder of the battle that are made to flee, but they must make morale checks to follow anyone else’s orders. If the victim is a target of a mind-affecting spell, they gain advantage on Saves against it.
  4. Glamour - The caster may alter their appearance to be that of a beautiful, attractive, glamorous or handsome version of their own self. The glamour lasts a number of hours equal to the caster’s level, but always fades away at midnight.
  5. Loosen Bonds - The caster grumbles under their breath and bonds begin to loosen, granting a bonus equal to the caster’s level on any Dexterity check to slip out of bonds. This spell may target as many people as the caster names while mumbling under their breath.
  6. Curse of Foolishness - The caster snaps their fingers and the target becomes befuddled and nonsensical for a number of rounds equal to the caster’s level. They can speak only in nonsense, appear off-kilter and drunk, and generally act as the opposite of their usual demeanour in a comedically exaggerated way.
  7. Veil of Night - The caster holds aloft their arms and the world appears as though it is in twilight for all who have seen the caster. Those who were gazing directly upon the caster attack and act as though blinded, with disadvantage, for a number of rounds equal to the caster’s level. If the caster lowers their arms, the veil of night is removed. This spell cannot be cast at night.
  8. Wild Speech - The caster may speak the language of beasts, animal, birds, and plants; allowing them to convey complex ideas to such individuals; though they cannot necessarily hear a response from these entities, they will generally act in the interest of the caster if it aligns with their own desires. Bribery is encouraged.
  9. Debauchery - The caster falls into a state of hedonistic glee, becoming immune to spells that might otherwise alter their mind or purpose, but suffering the effects of being the life of a party. The caster cannot cast spells while debauched, attracts 1d6 per level in revellers from the nearby wilderness or town (of all ages, species, and levels of sapience). The debauchery lasts a number of hours equal to the caster’s level, after which the caster is fatigued, hungover, and has suffered an ill-effect of carousing.
  10. Theft of Youth - The caster steals a number of d4 equal to their level in years from the target, causing them to age horrifically. This theft lasts one day per caster level, and anyone who dies as a resulted of being aged to death crumbles into a pile of dust.
  11. Soul Theft - The caster rips the soul from a helpless or dying human, granting them currency in fiendish bargaining. A soul may empower a spell adding an additional d8+Level of the victim in damage to the spell.
  12. Curse of Atavism - The caster curses the victim to the intelligence of a beast for a number of rounds equal to the caster’s level.

A gelfling is fine too.
Hoof. Just gotta finish up the base Magic-User class, finish cleaning up spells, and adjust all the classes to be more BtW in power and I'm done. The fluff charts and such are fun to make, and will come later.

On spell design, I'm a fan of utility within specificity. Magic should be weird, it should require gestures and words, and you should get better with it over time. Thus I like spells to be advanced by a class's levels, rather than having a cast level situation. I also like "cast til you fail" type stuff. The Priest can cast if they fail, but risk God's Wrath, Magic-Users will have a similar situation but more control over it. Elfs remain Vancian in just losing the ability to cast until the next day's dawn, due to just being magic in nature.

An Attempted Framework Conversion for: The Hole in the Oak set in Dolmenwood

The Hole in the Oak is a low level adventure about venturing into the Mythic Underworld for Old-School Essentials , and though it features s...