Saturday, December 23, 2017

Update: The Expert

Attached is a draft of The Expert class, a d6-skill based class for the Wildwood Manuscripts and other old school style ruling games. It is simply a mortal man with insight on how people and individuals work, as well as a few skills from their old days being a filthy normie who didn't really need to get involved in the untoward shenanigans of adventuring.

It is based on Beyond the Wall style rulings, using a d6-based skill set a la Lamentations of the Flame Princess. The goal behind the class is to represent a normal human being who has chosen adventuring but lacks the refined skills of a warrior who has devoted their life to killing, or any sort of someone who has devoted their life to adventuring pursuits.

Skills are meant to be specific but broad, nothing that should be hard codified like "Diplomacy" but rather things that imply a level of specific tactical acumen. Like climbing under duress, or keeping a horse calm.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Yoon-Suin: Food for a Yellow City

Figured I ought to update the blog. Been busy lately with some full-time teaching work, but things should lighten up by around the 23rd, at which time I can begin working on the Wildwood Manuscripts again in full. Until such a time, here's a randomizer table for weird meals that could be purchased in David McGrogan's Yoon-Suin setting. I'd say that they cost a fine copper or two and could be served up in certain ways to make them at home among the cockroach clans or the uppercrust brahmin slugmen.

Yellow City Food Randomizer Table
1Deep-fried crabman zoea on bolani flatbread
2Velvet worm lobopod curry
3Longpig back bacon kabob
4Prostitute's severed sweet-meats on a mint sprig
5Scorched axolotl on garlic naan
6Steamed starfish stomach spread on sourdough naan
7Salt-boiled planarian with sweet luchi
8Pickled nudibranch pseudopods with bitter chickpeas
9Broiled limpet tongues on panir cheese
10Caramelized grasshopper thoraxes with dosa pancakes
11Grilled dolphin snout stuffed with shredded mango skins
12Oyster and prawn mash with fresh chutney
13Fermented squids & bitter melons stuffed with cashews
14Thrice-spiced beef chunks stuffed in an eggplant
15Barnaclid meat stitched into a banana rind
16Mola filet with fat and currant seasoning
17Chunky tofu clumps drowned in spicy mustard
18Brine-soaked fugu fish with guava jam
19Fresh moray offal with zucchini kofta
20Diced monkey meat served in a coconut

Yellow City Food Randomizer Table
1Water chestnuts boiled in coconut milk
2Mango spears with cinnamon
3Peeled grapes in a shallow pool of goat milk
4Boiled bamboo shoots with mango jam
5Crispy puffed rice with fried cashews
6Peanut, cashew, and almond nut medley
7Coconut flesh with currants
8Potato straws, peanuts and raisins
9Carrot milk gelatin with swamp apple slices
10Golden raisin pudding with mushrooms
11Shredded carrot spread with pistachios
12Lemon-lime cheese fudge with mint springs
13Fried chickpea and bean curd kofta balls
14Tangerine spiced with peppers
15Broiled banana with toasted almonds
16Raspberry stuffed grapes
17Sliced apples with coconut cream spread
18Honeydew, cantaloupe and blueberry with honey-lime dressing
19Grilled ginger with cardamom seeds
20Creamy pineapple with ghee butter and cinnamon shavings for taste

Yellow City Food Randomizer Table
1Short grain black rice with peas
2Long grain brown rice
3Short grain white rice
4Sticky white rice
5Long grain yellow rice
6Pork fried rice
7Limpet fried rice
8Brown rice with radishes
9White rice with bean curds
10Tuna fried rice
11Long grain red rice
12Slimy short grain grey rice
13Fermented white rice
14Long grain blue-white rice
15Short grain golden-yellow rice
16Long grain thrice-blessed rice
17Druk Yulian short grain silver rice
18Long grain topaz rice with ox chunks
19Split grain pink rice with zebra mussels
20Long grain brown rice with green beans

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