Friday, October 20, 2017

State of the Goblet - October 2017

Just a small update, as things are actually happening. I'm working on a Horror game which I hope to have finished tonight and properly laid out shortly thereafter.

Firstly, the second Chromatic Soup is done. Grab it here! Its a nice slice of Americana goodness, hobos, demons who fell up to earth, and floral hellscapes.

The Wildwood Manuscripts are nearing completion. The goal is to do a zine proper, cover a region, and then cover that region through various seasons of change and threat pack/module based incidents. But first things first is to make a gameable material product, which is what the first issue will be.

Part I: Eight Classes, 200 spells (all designed without levels), Random Generators for Class-Specific Gear, and Class Specific Rumors. Basic rulings spelled out in two pages, this is an OSR game with ascending AC (base 10) and d6-based (Number-in-6) Skills.

Part II: Random Generators for Shoddy, Exquisite, and Mundane Arms, Equipment, and Armour. So each character can have a bit of style to them beyond just "short sword." Plenty of fluff to it, but I think that's useful.

Part III: Given the WWMs are inspired by Beyond the Wall's choice of rulings (on some level, there's some LotFP in there) it felt only right to do some Adventure Party Generators for how you all know one another or have met in the past. Generators are for: The Mercenary Outfit, the Expedition, the Pilgrims, and the Deserters. Different classes have some specific options of fluff to choose. Used to generate starting hirelings/henchmen, and rumors the party knows.

Part IV: The Journey. Finalized "Wanderlust" rules from my first post on the blog, with random generic encounters for each of the roles. This took a bunch of effort to write. It was very tiring to do so. I think it'll be fun to have the encounters/incidents, even if you don't run with the system.

It is long at the moment, it might be trimmed a little. Not much setting to it beyond implications in the classes, but that's sort of the point. Ultimately even if folks don't like my choice of rulings, I hope they can at least use the rulings.

Working with an illustrator on it too. Art order for: the Eight Classes, Weapons, and Armor.
Maybe some spot art if need be. We're trying to cultivate an aesthetic for this, while not making it so colorful that none can afford it being printed.

That being said, may as well be lavish if I can.

I want this out by Late November at the latest. Its about 75% done text-wise, just a matter of making sure it all vibes well and has a semblance of balance. I hate writing spells, but they're important enough.

Depending on how dead I am at that point, it'll likely be a quarterly thing.

Should have a few more things for the blog shortly, but I'm busy at the moment. I'll also be participating in this year's Santicore. Should be fun.

- Brian.

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