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Level 9 Gifts & Unique Strongholds, for Dolmenwood Clerics

Note: I found this in my gdocs with some half-finished versions for other classes, but it felt of worth to post this finished one here, for clerics/friars/religious sorts.

Having survived the rigors and travails of the wold, you are now of wealth and status enough to establish yourself in the region as more than a mere protagonist and roustabout. What follows are a d6 of unique strongholds for which you may gain dominion over by writ of trust or construction, as well as a d8 of gifts from those in your charge. You may use this to better flesh out NPCs of note, to populate hexes with places of power for such professionals, or for its intended use as examples for character classes which have unlocked their stronghold feature.

The hopes of these tables are that the construction of the Stronghold will be an adventure all on its own, and should you play within the setting multiple times; the remnants of previous campaigns will be present in such ways that directly influence the politics of the map. Gifts should be attained first when a Stronghold is announced to be constructed (as such a thing is cause for celebration), and then upon completion. In the event of rolling the same gift twice, just pick the item next on the list.

Cleric (OSE: C&E)


1. The Church would have you build a stronghold within the Table Downs, so as to extend the political influence of the faith towards those ghost-haunted hills and the borderlands beyond. They fear astrological turmoil and the weakness of the firmament in such lands, and were you to build there it would help reaffirm the sometimes meager faith of the populace.

2. The Church requests you build your stronghold on the edge of the Fever Marshes, for there is great perfidy in that swamp and no small amount of pagan sorcery. In constructing on the edge of the marshes, they anticipate your workers will face contagion and illness; it will be up to you to show them that faith in the One True God is of greater means than their earthly vessels.

3. The Church would have you build a proper stronghold in the port town of Dreg, so as to rouse the faithful of St. Wick back to their better natures. The Church expects there to be some degree of opposition from the criminal riff-raff, as well as from Lord Malbleat who may take umbrage to greater influence from an exterior power. The Church encourages your stronghold to tower above the town, so as to shame those who’d go to Shantywood Isle.

4. The Church desires you build your stronghold on the edge of the Hag’s Addle, so as to tame that region and snub the nose of the titular Hag. It is expected that a village shall crop up to fish and work the lands around your stronghold, and there is some vague implications from your superiors that were you to rid the Addle of the Hag, you may find yourself in line to be canonized.

5. The Church sees fit to grant you a small estate of hills within the Tithelands, so that your stronghold may serve as a stopping place for those visiting the Cathedral at Castle Brackenwold. They will expect an ongoing and subservient relationship with the Bishop Sanguine, as well as the Royal Academy of Sorcery in Loom which ordains practitioners of arcane means.

6. The Church kindly requests your stronghold be constructed upon the grounds of the Ruined Abbey of St. Clewd, so as to reclaim the land from faerie folk and things fouler still. Once reclaimed, the Church will assist in the funds of reconstruction and make sure that you are granted the title of “the Reclaimer'' in official church documentation. If the Church is made properly aware of that which dwells within the Ruined Abbey, they will provide Lichwards from the Order of St. Faxis to assist in protective warding rituals.


1. A blessed kiss upon the forehead by the Bishop Sanguine, a mark that shines like a shimmering drop of sunlight in the eyes of lesser fiends, forcing them to avert their eyes so long as your actions remain blessed and just.

2. The body of a Crusader of St. Sedge, draped in finery and embellished with a golden death mask is to be interred in an ossuary within your stronghold as a show of good faith. The Crusader was steadfast in his warring, and within the halls of your stronghold no heretic will ever dwell in comfort.

3. A silver estoc of the Order of St. Faxis, to be mounted upon the wall in your quarters. In candlelight it appears almost red-hot in reflection, and when properly waxed in similar conditions it can appear to bleed. It has a way of drawing forth the truth of those of craven nature.

4. A grotesque gargoyle, bound in chains, to be mounted on your stronghold. Wicked beings can hear its long petrified torments and its proclamations that they save themselves lest they too be fated with such misfortune. At least, this is what you are told it does. 

5. A tapestry commissioned by one of your patrons or boon companions, depicting a moment of triumph and glory over the meager forces of darkness which sought to oppose you. It shall be fitting within your great hall, and was stitched with the faithful hands of a dozen nuns.

6. A sculpted edifice depicting the seventeen archangels who aided Saint Benester, meant to be mounted in the quire room of your stronghold. Slightly concave, it does amplify the acoustics and make the voice of those speaking before it sound beatific and booming.

7. Commissioned misericord from the Woodcutter’s Encampment, carved from sweet monkswood, and embellished with the faces of one of each of the 100 Martyrs. Those within your stronghold who kneel shall feel the support of all those selfless men and women who died in ages past.

8. A resplendent brass bell, hundreds of pounds heavy, with silver filigree depicting the angelic host of the One True God upon its waist and crown. The clapper depicts scenes from the wold, etched in the metal. Powerful ropes of bound, reddened cord with gilded tassles have also been included. 

Aesthetic [d6]

1. It is to be constructed in the traditional stonework style of the early days of the Church, with a triple-arch entryway depicting the Host of Heaven, tall narrow windows, in rows of three, a vaunted belltower, and a three-level cellar for the quartering of lay practitioners, the holding of supplies in the event of a calamity, and a catacombs and ossuary for the laying of the blessed departed who deserve such consideration.

2. It is to be a rayonnat gothic church of quarried stone and magnificent rose windows which will allow the sun to shine down scenes of martyrs and blessed gardens upon the faithful. It is to have two stories to its height, with ample pierced gables to tell the tales of beatific deeds. There will be room here for cloistered workers, and ample space for a library office.

3. It is to be a dual-spired gothic church with a finely shingled roof and a large outdoor garden secluded behind high stone walls so as to allow for private cultivation of herbs and vegetables. It is to serve as a pilgrimage church, and will have rooms available for weary travellers and a feasting hall with ample larders to see none shall go hungry here.

4. It will be an articular church made from the native timbers of the wold, with a tended copse for firewood and game hunting open to the local woodsmen. It will display the Saints and Martyrs in acts of commensality, and it will be daubed to provide a gentle sense of comfort; so as to better make the pagan man feel safe to follow a righteous path.

5. It will be a stave church with great ore-pine posts, engraved to tell the stories of the common man’s triumph over sin through penance and hard work. Your quarters will be one the third floor, beneath the raised roof and the attic for the belltower. The grand hall will be open for the public and prayer, with architectural acumen benefitting the orator and choir addressing the crowds within.

6. It will be a priory house of finely hewn stone and powerful timbers, with a stables for the horses and a pesthouse for the unfortunate and the sickly who need to be tended to. Lay priests will conduct the proselytization while you attend to works upon illuminated manuscripts and astrological divinations in your observatory office. Wine will be produced for the benefit of sacrament and personal appreciation.

Special Servants [d4]

1. 3d6 + 6 fighters of 1st Level who serve you without question, 2d8 fighters of 2nd Level who served in foreign crusades and fight without fear against the undead. 1d3 botanists and 2d4 herbalists, as well as 1d3 sisters-mendicant from the Order of St.Lillibeth. 2d10+12 general laborers who will tend to the lands around your church.

2. 2d6 + 10 hunters of 1st Level, who know well the forest and will see your larder well stocked. 1d8 fighters and 2d4 clerics of 1st Level who shall serve as your guardians, inquisitors, and protectors of the stronghold. 1d4 Armorers and 1d4 Blacksmiths who will see your henchmen well outfitted. 1d4 houndmasters and 3d10+12 hounds of various pedigree, for sake of assisting your hunters and running out vermin and fouler things from the land.

3. 1d12+2 fighters of 2nd Level, many of whom served in foreign crusades and have been assigned to you by the Bishop. 2d6 engineers and 3d10+20 laborers to see that your stronghold will stand the testament of time. 4d6 scribes and illustrators to transcribe your holy books, make copies of important missives, and to work upon a grand illuminated manuscript for your legacy. 2d4 hounds and 1d4 houndmasters to walk the grounds and periphery of your stronghold and see to its upkeep.

4. 2d8 clerics of 1st Level and 3d4 friars of 1st Level, to study at your feet and learn to better connect themselves with the divine before going off into the neighboring wood as witch-finders and pilgrims. 2d4 antiquarians from Loom and Bellthorp, to help write letters and see that any shrine in the nearby wold is proper archived in a votive manuscript. 4d10 laborers to help tend to the daily upkeep of the stronghold and 1d4 chefs from Castle Brackenwold to ensure you are always able to properly eat a warm meal.

Your Legacy [d6]

1. Your sacrifice and devotion to the One True God was not without its failings, but one does not become recognized as a martyr unless they have suffered. Your name is inscribed upon your stronghold in stone, to be remembered as a martyr and a patron of the faithful and the good. Yours is a name remembered on feasting days, and to some you are viewed as a lesser saint of the woods.

2. Towards the end of your life you produced a votive manuscript of divine ensorcellment, such that any who gaze upon it feel the sublime weakness of a child before the strength of the heavenly host. The tome itself, when read aloud, has been ascribed to converting many a pagan host to the only true and proper path.

3. You died as an anchorite, your body host to the demons of the wood which if not for your grit and mettle, would’ve ravaged the common man and made mockery of their forms. You forced them to test you, with razors and claws, and though you lost your life in the process, they died sealed away; broken and impotent. You are known as the Hateful Host, the Knife, the Unbroken, and the Sacrament Sinner; titles which inspire those who know the truth of their origin.

4. You re-established the strength of the Church in the eyes of the Goatlords, manipulating politics so as to see their daughters married to the pious and zealous servant of the One True God. Within generations, the Goatlords will face schisms between their goodly population and their pagan traditions. You die knowing the Church will be stronger for this in time.

5. You died at the hands of the Drune, but not before burning one of their lodges and releasing those they would have offered up to hateful entities under baleful daggers and moonlight. Your death spurred on the fury of the righteous, and the Watchers of the Wood will recede into shadow and flame as the common man desires even less to do with them.

6. You engaged with a beast glantislant, or some other wretched behemoth, which sought to bring the woods to bend the knee and die, consumed by madness. You beat it back, you engaged the One True God to let you die a martyr if it would save the good people of the wood. You are remembered now as a Saint of self-sacrifice and beast-hunting, held in the toasts of hunters and those who face overwhelming odds to defend a greater ideal of community.

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