Saturday, June 2, 2018

Monsoon Ghats: Daeva Generator

The Monsoon Ghats are my stab at an Indian setting, which I pitched to a friend as "post-deluge Ancient India coming to power after a brutal war with a dinotopia of multi-headed naga." Because if you go 1-to-1 with trying to recreate an actual gigantic set of cultural groups you can easily screw things up; but blatantly going fantastical with it can prevent such issues. Nobody expects the Empire to properly capture 1600s Germanic Politics. It exists south of the Hundred Kingdoms in my Yoon-Suin game.

Anyway I've been working on a holy-man class for some of the various religions present (not-Hinduism, not-Aghori sect, not-Jainism, not-Sikhism, and not-Buddhism). The not-Hinduism form, the Jagganathi, hail the Lord of the Universe and acknowledge the daeva as the avatars of this divine being. All such beings are worthy of veneration, but those who stand in the way of a holy-man's work are clearly destined to fall and learn humility at the hands who assist said holy-man. Its more respectful and complex than that, but that's too big for a blog post.

So, I needed to make some charts for generating daeva on the fly. Here's a rough draft (it's become a d50 since last night).

Daeva Generator
d30Name Part 1...Name Part 2...Title...Head/Face...
1ChyylunThe River's MouthElephant
2PemmankamThe Great Mountain KingNaga
3SamguyangThe Voice on the WindEel
4ParaweitsiyaThe One Who FollowsPelican
5KikiantsiyaThe Remover of KingsHorse
6TangjyoThe Caller of StormsCyclopean
7BauktalaThe DarkenerShrieking Demon
8TampumaThe EverbornSerpent Nose
9LeparnaThe Supreme LawgiverFaceless
10OndivaThe Hunter of the GodsFace of Gold
11HewikbantsikThe Protector of ManTusked Demon
12VattriyanjThe Wild BeastSeagull
13OppyazanThe Unending OneEagle
14N'yatyamaThe Merchant GodRhino
15PokwagyunThe Queen of BloodWeeping Demon
16BanagkuppaThe Noose of ManCircle of Eyes
17GanbavantiThe Blade of CreationDisjointed Jaws
18TatantsuThe Song of the DeepCircle of Fangs
19DuladunaiThe WarbringerMonkey
20RaasabirThe FirstbornTortoise
21CharuraThe ThunderbringerSpider
22ApajliThe Jungle's WhisperLotus
23KampmanThe Drowned GodRegal Human
24BoolniThe UnyieldingSlug
25InditiThe EndlessThird-Eyed
26AgbanqaThe FiniteSkull
27KotoodaiThe Hungering GhostHideous Demon
28VishyudanThe Lash of the DivineMany-Faced Being
29LakshrajaThe UnspeakerFruiting Tree
30SarasjatThe HeraldSun & Moon

d30Body of...Flesh ColorDetail...
1Pregnant MotherBlackFour Arms
2Athletic YouthWhiteSix Arms
3Scarred MartyrJadeEight Arms
4Tattooed VoyagerBlueEncircled By Sunlight
5Corpulent NobleGoldEncircled by Stars
6Warty LeperRedCrowned with Fire
7Vile SerpentPinkCrowned with Gems
8Emaciated CorpseGreenCrowned with Bones
9Ferocious TigerBrownAccompanied by Shrieking Spirits
10Hungering MantisClay RedAccompanied by a Beautiful Harem
11Young GirlMarbledAccompanied by an Immortal Guru
12Old GuruVioletAccompanied by two enslaved Demons
13Great SpiderCopperAccompanied by a Consort Daeva
14Whorled SnailBrassPlays a lute of starlight
15Crucified ManPink FleshPlays a lute of screaming mortal flesh
16Burnt SkeletonTawny FleshCarries a pot of blessed waters
17Vicious SharkRaw FleshCarries a pot of blessed blood
18Gigantic TurtleBurnt FleshCarries urns of sanctified ash
19Ravenous FrogIronCarries urns filled with bound demons
20Powerful KingLapis LazuliRides upon a palanquin of gold
21Fearless SoldierInky BlackRides upon a palanquin of bone
22Simple FarmerMoonlight Rides upon a majestic steed
23Bountiful CowBlackened SkinRides upon ten thousand struggling slaves
24Gigantic FlamesPeachRides upon a blessed cow
25Boundless SmokeRiver BlueRides upon an elephant
26River DolphinIvory BoneIn unending conflict with a phoenix
27Mischievous MonkeyYellowIn unending conflict with their progeny
28Scarab BeetlePearlDestined to eat the Sun
29Capricious CrabNight BlackDestined to eat the Moon
30Clouds of StarlightBriny GreenDestined to Die and be Reborn Mortal

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

L5R - Random Locale Generator

Just a little warm-up randomizer, one that I haven't actually any need of but might be useful for those planning on running some Legend of the Five Rings, Bushido, or other kung-fu Asiatic adventure role playing game. The names for the locations are all pretty basic, so you can get something like The Castle of the Pale Oak, or something wild like The Tainted Lands of the Pink Exorcist.

Follow your kokoro. If you need to come up with a place on the fly for an old sensei to send his students, this might prove useful.It is exceptionally bare bones, but it is just a warm-up to get me going on other writing.

Samurai Setting Locale Generator
d30Part OnePart TwoPart Three
1Village ofthe FallenRiver
2Port ofthe ListlessForest
3Temple ofthe BountifulWolf
4Castle ofthe GloriousExorcist
5Town ofthe CelestialCrane
6Dojo ofthe FloralLion
7Fortress ofthe BoundlessDragon
8Cursed Hamlet ofthe GreatCrab
9Citadel ofthe WalledPhoenix
10Teahouse ofthe AncientSteed
11Roadhouse ofthe LonelyTurtle
12Shrine ofthe SplendidSun
13Plains ofthe PaleHeavens
14Forest ofthe BlindMists
15Mountain ofthe YouthfulBlade
16Island ofthe YellowMirror
17Camp ofthe RedPeaks
18Ninja Village ofthe ImperialDog
19School ofthe ExquisiteLeaf
20Halls ofthe PinkShell
21Ruins ofthe BlessedLovers
22Tower ofthe LuckyCoin
23Prison ofthe ThunderousCove
24Monastery ofthe DustyButterfly
25Steppes ofthe BrokenScorpion
26Marsh ofthe MollifiedFortune
27Lair ofthe HowlingDeity
28Library ofthe PenitentTides
29Mines ofthe HonorboundMoon
30Tainted Lands ofthe DrunkenWarrior

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Race-as-Class: The Wose-man

The Wose-man
Requirements: Strength, Constitution & Dexterity 12+
Prime Requisite: Strength
Hit Dice: d10

Saw this image, felt inspired.
by Steven De Waele 

You are one of the hidden folk, one of the elusive wose-men who have lived in the mysterious and unpopulated forests of antiquity. Your kind avoids confrontation when it can be helped, but you know well how to defend yourself and your territory when a threat comes your way. Threats come your way more now than ever before; your woods are rife with wretched monsters, hordeling goblinoids, and destructive men whose ambitions outweigh their respect for the nature of the world.

Perhaps this is why you’ve taken up with some mannish thugs and vagabonds; though they are easily distracted by gold and vengeance they fight many of the same enemies you do. Their weapons and armor are of fine make, though they clatter about without any grace. They think you are simple, possibly scary. Simple is not bad, scary can be useful.


You stand tall, nearly nine feet but quite possibly ten. Your hands, your pelt, they smell of wild garlic, old dirt, and ancient meat. Your skin is black, brown, red; your pelt is matching; though with age it fades towards grey or is overcome with mossy green. Your eyes are like globes of blood and darkness, hiding an intelligence and capacity for tactics that would make clear that none should ever have trespassed in your domain.
Special Abilities
Arms & Armor: Wose-men have thick hair that feels like the matted mane of a horse, tough as leather and carrying an unpleasant smell when breathed in deeply. Wose-men go unarmored, but provided they are not shaved of their pelt, they have AC equivalent to leather. Wose-men can make use of shields, clubs, stones, spears, slings, and other primitive weapons.

Stench: A wose-man can once per day secrete its stench, causing all living creatures within 30 feet to make a Constitution save or become sickened for 1d6 rounds; suffering a -2 penalty to hit anything in the direction of the wose-man. Grappled victims during a secretion must Save vs Poison and suffer a penalty to any task for the next 24 hours. Wose-men can track any object or individual who has been slathered in its stench at a rate of 4-in-6, losing a 1-in-6 for every day passed since the original slathering.

Wose-might: The hands and feet of a wose-man are huge and brutal. If a wose-man grapples an enemy, their attacks deal 1d6+STR modifier in damage. If the wose-man has an enemy grappled for more than one round, they can easily toss them away, dealing 1d10+STR modifier in damage. Wose-men can also throw large items as a Hill Giant can, but they must pass a Strength save to first lift any great stone or fallen tree.

Hidden Men: Wose-men are masters of blending into the wilderness, hiding-in-plain sight at a rate of 4-in-6 while in woodland environments. Wose-men who hollar and hoot while hidden can make their sounds appear to originate from any direction they choose, as though by ventriloquism.

Born Forester: Wose-men can identify wild plants at a rate of 1-in-6, notice huntsmen traps at a rate of 2-in-6, and find a decent place to sleep at a rate of 2-in-6.

Definitely vibing some Stupid Rat Creatures

Uncivilized: Being literal wild-men, the wose-men are not welcome in polite society. They are seen as primitive, savage, monstrous, and uncouth at the best of times. Wose-men suffer a -2 to all reaction rolls with civilized individuals, and they are utterly unable to find hirelings willing to serve them loyally unless they have been directly saved by the actions of the wose-man or they are wose-men themselves.

Fire’s Foe: Wose-men were never civilized and made properly mannish, as such fire is not their oldest and greatest ally. It seems to scorn them for their savagery. Wose-men struck by fire suffer an additional point of damage and have a 50% chance of catching fire (likely due to their oily stink which saturates their hair). Wose-men being threatened with fire suffer a -2 penalty to their morale.

Other Notable Things
Languages: Wose-men speak the complex language of Ormm, named for the guttural clearing of the throat they make before letting out a series of grunts, hollars, and ullulations; often punctuated with drumming upon trees. Animals can understand the rough concepts being spoken, but only other wose-men understand it entirely. Wose-men can understand intent behind a common mannish tongue, though they can only speak a few words of it at best.

An adventuring wose-man can speak a number of words in the common tongue equal to their Intelligence + Wisdom attributes. Have fun piecing together other character names via this situation.

Vision: Wose-men suffer sensitivity when exposed to direct sunlight outside of a forest, as they prefer the shadowy groves of woodland terrain. Wose-men can see adequately through fog and can see in moonlight as though they possessed a torch.

The Wose-man
Breath Attacks
Poison or Death
Petrify or Paralyze
Spells or Spell-like Devices

The Wose-man
Hit Dice (d10)
the Skunk Ape
the Shaggy
the Savage
the Wose-man
the Tall Strider
the Wild Man of the Woods
the Long Strider of the Woods
the Lord of the Woods
the Greyman
the Greenman
+4 HP Only
I know one of my players, specifically my roomie, would play one of these. Because he's a filthy degenerate who loves to mock my fear for Bigfoot.

Monsoon Ghats: Daeva Generator

The Monsoon Ghats are my stab at an Indian setting, which I pitched to a friend as "post-deluge Ancient India coming to power after a ...