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The Boy Adventurer!

This class is a thing because I've been binge-watching old cartoons while I work on 120 unique events for the travel roles in my last post, which need to be able to run in multiple ways so repeat events are interesting.’

The Boy Adventurer!
Saves as: Thief (Ceases Improvement after Level 3)
HD: d4
Prime Requisite: Charisma.
To Generate Skills: Roll 3d4+1 for each stat.
Progresses: As Mentor.
Armor & Weapons: Cloth and two weapons of Mentor (see below)

The Boy Adventurer is a child who looks into the wide world and thinks “I wanna be a real adventurer!” They have a heart of gold, the voice of an angel, and generally make whoever they want to learn from a big grumpier than one would expect. They are masters of disguise, mostly due to the apathy they bring out in those who might see through said disguises. They don’t get a good share of the treasure, they can barely use a weapon without instructions on a daily basis, and they’re often more trouble than they're worth.

Yeah, this is how this is going. 

Class Features
Youthful Exuberance - A Boy Adventurer is excited about every bit of treasure he can get his hands on, every weapon his Mentor will let him use and new people he meets. If the Boy Adventurer makes a Charisma save and says the name or title of an item or person he meets in a sing-songy voice, he gains a +1 to any rolls made related to that individual until the end of the day (except for damage). So a +1 to throw something, to be able to drop something before it bites him, to be able to get a little more out of a potion by licking the inside of the vial.

On a failure, the Boy Adventurer is overcome with shyness or notices something grotesque and possibly imaginary about what he’s dealing with and as such takes a -1 to whatever his next roll is due to this waste of youthful exuberance and over-excitement gone wrong.

For how it should be sing-songed see the following link:

Fast Friends - The Boy Adventurer cannot have any hirelings, but he is good with other henchmen. When the Boy Adventurer first meets a hireling, he may make a Charisma check to get on their good side and thus improve their Morale by 1. If this check fails, the Boy Adventurer may at any time bring them food or help them out and make this check again.

Mentor - One of the other party members is the Boy Adventurer’s mentor, whether that person wants it or not. The Boy Adventurer can use two of the weapons his mentor can use, though always clumsily (-1 to Hit/to Damage to a minimum of 1 Damage) unless the Mentor makes a Charisma roll at the start of each morning to make sure the Boy Adventurer knows what he’s doing.The Boy Adventurer advances in XP at a rate of 25% their Mentor’s rate.

Innocent Ragamuffin - The Boy Adventurer can throw on a disguise to appear like most things, regardless of how poor the disguise is at a 4-in-6 success rating. A failure makes it obvious that this is a boy in a disguise. If an enemy sees through the disguise they must make a Morale check to see if they really care that an orc guard is actually a kid wearing a potato sack tunic. Unless an NPC is truly Evil, they will respond more with confusion than they will violence. If a Boy Adventurer has killed anyone within the past 1d4 days, he cannot use this ability. He looks too creepy.

Young Ward - The Boy Adventurer can emulate thief skills or another non-magical class feature of their Mentor if they make an Intelligence check at the start of the day. These abilities work on a 2-in-6, as there’s always a chance that the kid will get it wrong.

Size Penalty - A Boy Adventurer cannot wield two-handed weapons comfortably, though if ordered by their Mentor they may do so at a -3 penalty to Hit.

Upon Reaching Level 8: The Boy Adventurer becomes a Real Adventurer. At the end of their next adventure, they may enter their Mentor’s class or become a Thief, either choice allowing the Boy Adventurer to enter as though they were a Level 3 member of that class. This now Real Adventurer may reroll his attributes with 3d6, replacing anything higher than their original attributes. They also lose all their previous class features, but keep a permanent +1 to Hit with the two weapons of their Mentor, and a +1 on Saves made against items held or consumed (if the response can be to throw them or spit them up).

Youthful Exuberance
Boy Profiteer
Boy Adventurer
Real Adventurer
6 (until N/A)

This class is meant to represent the sort of Flapjack-esque youth a la Thurop Van Orman’s Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack which ran on the Cartoon Network back in the day. For ease of advancement, allow them to also gain Experience equal to a 25% of any treasure their Mentor sells when they get back to town so long as the Mentor approves of it or the Boy Adventurer makes a Charisma save.

Is this playing “in hard mode?” Yes, on some level. But that’s sort of the fun. A Boy Adventurer should consume 1/3rd the amount of rations of an adventuring adult, and they can also live on a diet of sugary sweets and bind most wounds with leaves and feel better in the morning. This is really a support class that is lighthearted in tone

Good night, Friend.

Be an angel.

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