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Treasures of the Tomb (a d30)

At the behest of some randos, here's a d30 list of weird objects found in a tomb which might be worth something to the right buyer. Might use these if I ever go back to my big Katapesh/Osirion Sandbox campaign idea.

Tomb-raiding can be a beautiful life-style.

d30Item Found
1Papyrus-woven box of black sand which painfully drains away the heat from anything it touches, to the point that a hand coated in the sand could grip a red iron and feel only the faintest of heats. All damages from the extreme cold do not negate damages from touching extreme heat.
2Forty finger bones from slaves, wrapped in their tendons so as to obscure fortunes written in an ancient cuneiform language. By tossing the bones and picking up the two lowest crossing bones, one can determine the wills of fate.
3Ceramic domino mask of beautiful stylized eyes, potentially used for oracles in ancient times. Small leather loops on the interior of the mask could've been used for banding, but closer inspection reveals the imprints of bite marks from scarabs, meaning it was likely a torture implement.
4Burial shroud of woven sheddings of serpent skin, beaded with eye in tourquoise stone. When worn the voice of those slain by the wearer's hands speak softly between breaths. They speak of eternal torment.
5Canoptic jar with a bestial maw design sculpted on its lid. Within it are ashes of many colors and fangs of stone. If impaled by a fang, the victim quickly dehydrates and becomes a bestial worm-faced vampire who subsists only on water.
6Glass statuette of a bob-haired maiden holding aloft a basin of water. The head can be removed and liquid poured into her, when tipped forward it pours a dosage into the basin. Liquids poured into this and consumed from the basin have a reverse effect; alcohol brings clarity, poison brings health, et cetera.
7Squirming mummified hand, actually a bound torture graft of lichleech; undead leeches which consume brain matter through ones blood. If attached to a stump, one would suffer a painful death. It grasps towards warmth and moisture.
8Brass phylactery box filled with a glowing yellow-blue sand which conceals a tiny stripe of paper written in an alien tongue. The items origins comes from ancient times when Sorcerer-Kings spoke to moon-dwelling demigods.
9Ancient red-ware amphora filled with a scintillating liquid of azure which turns bright pink when an object is submerged in it. It whispers in ancient tongues when the lid is askew of ancient primordial worship and true knowledge of governance.
10Hourglass of red sand with a time length of three hours and thirty three minutes. If tipped during a full moon on the third day of the third month at the third hour, the sand forms a red minuscule city. Opening the top of the hourglass at such a time will shrink and consume all creatures within 500' feet and take them to an alien cityscape at the bottom of the glass.
11Prosthetic leg made out of oddly flexible glass, which radiates vibrations and sounds from all individuals within 60 feet that are touching the ground. A skilled wearer may learn to understand and decipher the vibrations.
12Drinking bowl of ancient red water, which to all but the most scrutinizing gaze will simply appear stagnant. If consumed the imbiber will understand the secret language of fire and serpents until their dying days. Such things seldom have things of import to say, however, and are never silent.
13Ten thousand strangely dented at the edges coins of gold. If one is curious enough or able to obtain the whole set they will see it as a puzzle, which if properly stacked, form the head of an ancient deity. It will speak three truths and grant wishes of greed, so long as virgins are sacrificed atop its pate.
14Stave made from an ivory tusk of a great swine, carved with glyph that have been kintsugui-filled with gold. If the wielder shouts "By the Lords of Eternal Dusk" while casting a spell in the desert, they will be able to cause their spell to appear anywhere upon the winds and conjure up storms. Learning this command word requires proper study of dead languages and a blood sacrifice for each word.
15Mummified head of a barbarian warlock, lopped off half-during some ghastly transformation. If unbound it cackles with glee in a dead tongue and promises glory at the destruction of his enemies. If somehow granted a body, it will bind itself to the service of any who seek to undo civilization or the race of his ancient foes.
16Brass sword with seven additional small blades branching off from the main like branches on a tree. If buried in the ground after taking seven lives it will grow into a tree of solid brass within a fortnight, sprouting oxidized fruit shaped like the heads of mewling imps. Consuming such fruit is rough, but allows one to breath underwater until it is fully digested.
17Origami antelope made from folded sandstone and basalt. Those who throw the item to the ground will cause it to explode into mist and smoke, causing an illusory stampede of antelope that swirl around the area of effect madly for hours.
18Mummified basilisk whelp, its eyes long since shriveled and venom sacs drained. Its tongue still yet has fluid in it and the taste of raw flesh brings it joy and a since of loyalty. A wizard who takes it as a familiar can read scripts of petrification and venom magics upon its bindings, but such use risks destroying the whelp.
19Linen shield with a scorpion emblem of brushed lodestone dust upon the center. Lightweight, if waved towards blades or flying arrows, there is a chance the lodestone scorpion will magnetically rip them out of the air and to the shield. Effectively it could be used to disarm others, but it is a risky maneuver.
20Ruby ibis brooch, within are the trapped souls of sixty-six immortal warriors who betrayed an ancient cult of sorcerers. By pinning the brooch through ones flesh, the ancient fighting art of the immortals can be channeled; but only for one minute for each soul. Souls are destroyed upon use, but may be refilled through profane ritual binding of new sacrifices.
21An onyx statue the size of a youth, with the angular cut head of a jackal. It whispers demands in the ears of any who sleep or fall unconscious near it, but has no actual power. Its god is long dead, and the part within it that demands to be free is little more than curse dust rather than divine potential.
22Bone-spear made from the bound femurs of a warrior kings, the sharpened hand of a king-slayer for the tip, and adorned with the jangling toe bones of ten princesses. Impaling a target through the heart with this spear puts their corpse into a state of torpor; removing the tongue of such a being turns them into an undead slave of the wielder.
23Copper and gypsum girdle emblazoned with the painted faces of laughing cyclopes in black. When worn by a smith or a philosopher, great insight into the workings of their trade can be found. If the wearer is missing an eye, they can speak to metal and earth.
24Ivory kerambit carved from the jaw of a child. When pressed against the throat of a victim, they will view their most vile and painful childhood memory; weeping. The wielder who uses this blade to take the life of a youth will be hounded by the soulless form of ten disfigured children who seek to peel away the bones of the user.
25Mud-submerged round sarcophagus coated in bronze scarabs. Within is the honey-mummified body of a frog-like chaos sorcerer. If freed from the honey it will try to undo all creation; if eaten with the honey it is a potent aphrodisiac which allows greater oneness with the primordial vibrations of existence.
26Cursed silver mattock found under collapsed stone and deep quicksand. Holds the souls of all miners who died before their time at the cruel lash of slavers within the ancient culture. If used against nobility, it causes all wounds inflicted to boil up with mud and magma.
27The pickled tongue of a fallen god-empress, acupuncture at various points to allow for consultation with the astral powers. If smoked in a hookah, pickle water and all, it will grant the smoker the ability to speak to elementals--but their voice will be dry and feminine for the rest of their life.
28Jarred quicksilver ooze in a shedu-topped canopic jar. It can speak any word it has heard spoken in the voice of the original speaker, and it possesses an alien but tragic intelligence. If given enough words it wants to be made human again, it was made this way by her cruel sorceress husband in life.
29Thimble of ceramic painted with dolphins in exquisite detail, found with rotten leather straps near a skull. If placed on the tongue it allows a trickle of fresh, sweet water to pour down the throat of the user.
30Canopic jar of ancient eyes, dehydrated and dried to look like raisins. If burnt in a pipe, the smoke will display the most beautiful memories such eyes had ever beheld.

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