Tuesday, May 15, 2018

L5R - Random Locale Generator

Just a little warm-up randomizer, one that I haven't actually any need of but might be useful for those planning on running some Legend of the Five Rings, Bushido, or other kung-fu Asiatic adventure role playing game. The names for the locations are all pretty basic, so you can get something like The Castle of the Pale Oak, or something wild like The Tainted Lands of the Pink Exorcist.

Follow your kokoro. If you need to come up with a place on the fly for an old sensei to send his students, this might prove useful.It is exceptionally bare bones, but it is just a warm-up to get me going on other writing.

Samurai Setting Locale Generator
d30Part OnePart TwoPart Three
1Village ofthe FallenRiver
2Port ofthe ListlessForest
3Temple ofthe BountifulWolf
4Castle ofthe GloriousExorcist
5Town ofthe CelestialCrane
6Dojo ofthe FloralLion
7Fortress ofthe BoundlessDragon
8Cursed Hamlet ofthe GreatCrab
9Citadel ofthe WalledPhoenix
10Teahouse ofthe AncientSteed
11Roadhouse ofthe LonelyTurtle
12Shrine ofthe SplendidSun
13Plains ofthe PaleHeavens
14Forest ofthe BlindMists
15Mountain ofthe YouthfulBlade
16Island ofthe YellowMirror
17Camp ofthe RedPeaks
18Ninja Village ofthe ImperialDog
19School ofthe ExquisiteLeaf
20Halls ofthe PinkShell
21Ruins ofthe BlessedLovers
22Tower ofthe LuckyCoin
23Prison ofthe ThunderousCove
24Monastery ofthe DustyButterfly
25Steppes ofthe BrokenScorpion
26Marsh ofthe MollifiedFortune
27Lair ofthe HowlingDeity
28Library ofthe PenitentTides
29Mines ofthe HonorboundMoon
30Tainted Lands ofthe DrunkenWarrior

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