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Knave's Guide to Eberron: Familiars

I absolutely forgot to put these in the document, so I’ll be putting them in here. Monsters too, shall show up at some point. Familiars are meant to be weird oddities, strange things you can use to your advantage but often attached in some way to spells or that would be too cumbersome to use all the time like a weapon proper.

They take up an Equipment Slot each and can be used once per day at your instruction directly, though many of their powers can be used in a latent capacity if one is clever enough to learn.

Robo-doggo is a monster, not a familiar, IMO TBH.

Bantam Fastieth
A small sauropod, with vicious teeth and patterns upon its snout that resemble a Halfling’s hunting mask. 
Boon: Clinging a Bantam Fastieth with both hands allows its user to jump twice their movement rate. Users feel awash with a spiritual power. 

Bound Element
A carved form, vaguely humanoid though abstract, sculpted around a bottle of Khyber dragonshard’s deep binding. Within swirls elemental motes.
Boon: Using a spell with a similar elemental quality as the bound element increases the damage by one dice degree when cast. The Bound Element can be thrown as a grenade.

Buzzing Gadfly
A colorful though disconcerting large insect of vaguely mechanical make, its tones are hard to acclimate to. 
Boon: It buzzes with strange rhythm, those who spend time to learn the buzzings can be alerted to specific types of creatures within 300’ of the owner. Its buzzing sounds pleasant if you let it drink blood.

Clockwork Scorpion
The workings of long lost empires in Xen’drik, a mechanical scorpion of black metal that moves in ancient rhythms.
Boon: If you have the scorpion on your person, when you are struck in melee combat you may allow the scorpion to inject poison into your enemy freely. You may put any sort of poison within it.

Crawling Clot
It lingers inside its host, expelled upon the slightest of pains. Like an expelled tumor of red, it throbs with sinister purpose.
Boon: You may enter a meditative state to see, hear, smell, and taste anything the crawling clot is able to sense. If you swallow the clot, you gain 1d3 hit points and may spit it out again freely in 24 hours.

Dragonmark Reflection
An abstract symbol, inverted and reversed from the true one displayed upon its master. It exists somewhere between the second dimension and the third, shimmering in the air when it can be perceived at all.
Boon: You may concentrate to display the mastery and benefits of aligning with your Dragonmarked House to those who look upon the reflection. (Yes, this is essentially just a holographic advertisement of your abilities and that’s potentially useful for trade purposes.)

Floating Implements
Magewright’s must often defend their workshops, those who do not possess the same touch will often find themselves attacked by the artificer’s latest projects.
Boon: You may use your floating implements to assist you in repairing the quality of an item. In the event that someone tries to touch or steal them, you may have the implements become a swirling mass of professional tools that have 6 HP, DEF 1 and deal 1d4 damage per turn until the thief flees. If defeated, it can be re-calibrated by a day of arcane work, blood, sweat, and toil.

Horror of Xoriat
A lingering foulness upon the world, a sentient polyp, a mass of flesh and teeth and timeless purpose. It whispers madness and tempts with power.
Boon: Playing host to a Horror of Xoriat makes you immune to the insanity of the foulspawn and their daelkyr masters, granting you a 2d6 damage defense when creatures try to manipulate your mind. It wants you to carve yourself with strange symbols though...

Lingering Nightmare
It hangs upon the head like a sullen depression, a black aura of broken promises and trauma to come. When in unison with its host, nightmares become reality.
Boon: This vestige of a quori grants you the ability to conjure an illusionary scene of a creature’s nightmares and deepest trauma, dealing 1d3 damage to you per turn you keep this activated. 

Living Infusion
Sculpted within the form of this homunculus is a jar of succulent red which sloshes with each awkward step. Beneath the creature is a stinger, or more accurately, a syringe.
Boon: With adequate instruction beforehand, the Living Infusion will inject its contents at your discretion during times of crisis, combat, or worst case scenario. You must, of course, place something within its vial. It becomes inert when empty. 

Saddle Squire
A locking saddle of leathers and metals, emblazoned with nationalistic patterns. It holds deep upon a mount and stabilizes its rider.
Boon: Riding upon a Saddle Squire makes the wearer nearly impossible to be dismounted by anything other than their own volition. 

Silver Lamp
This simple lantern, when lit by the pious, emits a flame that emulates the Silver Flame.
Boon: Casts light as a lamp, makes lycanthropes uncomfortable, makes Shifters unhappy, makes the pious feel as though you are truly chosen by the Flame. Rouses something in the zealous.

Tri-Gorgon Hammer
Powerful mauls, emblazoned with the Cannith emblem, a mark of the three-headed gorgon, emitting similar fumes when it temps at the ground.
Boon: Can be used to expel a petrifying gas in a 10 foot aura, that slows or hastens constructs, repairs items by a quality level, and chokes vermin. Usable once per day. Functions as a Quality 6 Warhammer if not expended.

Summoner Homunculus
An astrolabe in the form of a miniature man, whose movements swirl and churn with the cosmic movements of the spheres.
Boon: When properly observed, it will display the directions of nearby manifest zones and align itself to movements in the spheres. Can be used to determine the influence plane of outsiders.

Tinker Feyling
A petty sprite, a gremlin in truth, no large than a beetle and golden in color. It bloats itself on latent magical energy, and like a wasp, it regurgitates arcane sealant when it has had its feel.
Boon: Can repair damaged magical items, but makes them unusable for a number of days equal to the Quality level repaired. Can nullify another’s magical item for a combat, but makes it more potent when next used.

Tome Caddy
A somber lectern, its face a grotesque of sorts. It floats, always within reach but out of the way, hoping to be granted attention.
Boon: Tome Caddy’s can carry a spellbook for you, allowing you to cast from it while still using your hands for weapons, shields, wands, or spellshards. 

Warforged Faceplate
The face of a Warforged, derelict from the Forges or perhaps a pilfered trophy from the battlefield. It watches, unable to speak, its mind still very present.
Boon: Will attach to your face while you sleep, granting you clarity of all events that take place while you’re asleep and rousing you from slumber in the case of an enemy approaching. You may also yet dream the memories of the Warforged, which is invasive and strange but will prevent your mind from entering Dal Quor. 

Xen’Drik Bloodthorn Creeper
A red vine that swirls and constricts, one thorn into its host, and many more on the ready to be put into its prey. 
Boon: You take 1 point of permanent Constitution damage (until the creeper is removed), but all melee attacks you make against unarmored or bleeding enemies now heal you for 1 Hit Point per turn. 

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