Monday, September 11, 2017

The Gracklegrick, a Fey Monster


Hit Dice: 4d8 (22 HP)
AC: 13 (Oil-slicked Autumnal Cloak)
Attack: +4 to hit Enchanted Enemies, 1d6+1 Damage (Feyrusted Scissor)
Morale: 10.
Number Appearing: Solitary, an Annoyance (1d3+1, plotting and scheming) or a Plague (1d10+1 HD6 Gracklegrick Mastermind.)
Alignment: Fey/Chaotic/Autumn.
Intelligence: Scheming & Wickedly Petty.
Size: Medium (5-6’ tall)
XP: 294
Possessions: Feyrusted Scissors, Oil-slicked cloak, gunnysack of pilfered goods (1d30+1d8 copper pennies and 1d4 children’s toys in poor conditions.)

“Beware little childe of where Mr. Gracklegrick goes, a foulest of fey who all children must knowe/He dances, he sways, he calls and sings; in mother’s voice and father’s hand, he takes of all things/With plague and with itch, he rips and he tears; treasured love and treasured toy now his to bear/Go not out in young winter, oh precious sweet childe, or else Mr. Gracklegrick take you into the Wild.”
~The Ballad of Mr. Gracklegrick, a rather unpleasant poem.

Inspired by this picture by Jana Heidersdorf

A Gracklegrick is a scheming and wretched fey, gaunt of build, with a head like that of a grackle bird and a slender body of a gentlemen always wrapped in a fine cloak of oiled-black autumn leaves. They make their homes in derelict places on the borderlands of civilization, only appearing for a matter of weeks when Autumn runs too late and Winter is nascent to fall.

They hate, more than all things, the laughter of children. All Gracklegricks believe their joyful tones are a mockery of the Gracklegrick’s own jeerful guffaws; such to the point that ever since man first walked the world the Gracklegricks have vowed never to laugh in their natural happy tones. Out of sheer spite they warped their voices to be those of cruel mimics, able to emulate the voices of parents simply by observing the sounds of the children.

When they emerge from the Fairylands it is generally to perform some immediate slight against a distant bloodline relative of someone who has wronged another Gracklegrick; though all bow to the Master Huntsman and Elf King of Autumn and do his bidding without question. They are given equal respect as vassals by Autumn for their exquisite skill in stealing away children, though seldom do they remember to place a fetch in return.

A Gracklegrick Mastermind will lead an annoyance or plague of his kinsfolk, often to properly formulate a scheme which requires multiple operatives. Such plots might involve stealing the child of a noble, whisking away a baby from the womb, or stealing away even the ability for an individual to produce such offspring. In such cases it is not unknown for a Gracklegrick to hire mortals to provide distractions, though they prefer if they must, to hire elfs. Elfs seem to understand the nature of their ancient grudges.

Spellcasting - A Gracklegrick is able to cast spells, four times a day, as an Elf.

Fey-blooded - Gracklegricks take double damage from iron weapons and are sickened by silvered weapons. If struck by silver, a gracklegrick loses its ability to cast spells for 1d4 turns and puffs up as though suffering from extreme allergies.

Voice Mimicry - Gracklegricks can mimic the voice of anyone they hear, and from that they may extrapolate to mimic the voices of anyone in that individual’s bloodline.

Feyrusted Scissors - The chosen weapon of the Gracklegrick is a set of shears in the shape of a crane bird, nickel rusted into orange with a lichen-like pattern resembling leaves and branches. It cuts for 1d6+1 damage, and those cut by the blade must Save vs Enchantment or be shat upon and harried by flocks of magpie for the next 1d10 days whenever the victim is outside.

Oil-Slicked Autumnal Cloak - A black long coat made of fallen leaves, stitched with threads of starlight. The colors of the leaves were drained and rotted, black mold remains taut among the lattice structure of each leaf. The cloak is light armor that provides AC+3, and in a darkened forest or place of rot the wearer can remain hidden in plain sight at a rate of 4-in-6. Wearing this cloak in any other season than autumn confers no benefit, though those of fey origin can keep its power active by slaying a youthful creature and leaving it to rot.

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