Saturday, June 2, 2018

Monsoon Ghats: Daeva Generator

The Monsoon Ghats are my stab at an Indian setting, which I pitched to a friend as "post-deluge Ancient India coming to power after a brutal war with a dinotopia of multi-headed naga." Because if you go 1-to-1 with trying to recreate an actual gigantic set of cultural groups you can easily screw things up; but blatantly going fantastical with it can prevent such issues. Nobody expects the Empire to properly capture 1600s Germanic Politics. It exists south of the Hundred Kingdoms in my Yoon-Suin game.

Anyway I've been working on a holy-man class for some of the various religions present (not-Hinduism, not-Aghori sect, not-Jainism, not-Sikhism, and not-Buddhism). The not-Hinduism form, the Jagganathi, hail the Lord of the Universe and acknowledge the daeva as the avatars of this divine being. All such beings are worthy of veneration, but those who stand in the way of a holy-man's work are clearly destined to fall and learn humility at the hands who assist said holy-man. Its more respectful and complex than that, but that's too big for a blog post.

So, I needed to make some charts for generating daeva on the fly. Here's a rough draft (it's become a d50 since last night).

Daeva Generator
d30Name Part 1...Name Part 2...Title...Head/Face...
1ChyylunThe River's MouthElephant
2PemmankamThe Great Mountain KingNaga
3SamguyangThe Voice on the WindEel
4ParaweitsiyaThe One Who FollowsPelican
5KikiantsiyaThe Remover of KingsHorse
6TangjyoThe Caller of StormsCyclopean
7BauktalaThe DarkenerShrieking Demon
8TampumaThe EverbornSerpent Nose
9LeparnaThe Supreme LawgiverFaceless
10OndivaThe Hunter of the GodsFace of Gold
11HewikbantsikThe Protector of ManTusked Demon
12VattriyanjThe Wild BeastSeagull
13OppyazanThe Unending OneEagle
14N'yatyamaThe Merchant GodRhino
15PokwagyunThe Queen of BloodWeeping Demon
16BanagkuppaThe Noose of ManCircle of Eyes
17GanbavantiThe Blade of CreationDisjointed Jaws
18TatantsuThe Song of the DeepCircle of Fangs
19DuladunaiThe WarbringerMonkey
20RaasabirThe FirstbornTortoise
21CharuraThe ThunderbringerSpider
22ApajliThe Jungle's WhisperLotus
23KampmanThe Drowned GodRegal Human
24BoolniThe UnyieldingSlug
25InditiThe EndlessThird-Eyed
26AgbanqaThe FiniteSkull
27KotoodaiThe Hungering GhostHideous Demon
28VishyudanThe Lash of the DivineMany-Faced Being
29LakshrajaThe UnspeakerFruiting Tree
30SarasjatThe HeraldSun & Moon

d30Body of...Flesh ColorDetail...
1Pregnant MotherBlackFour Arms
2Athletic YouthWhiteSix Arms
3Scarred MartyrJadeEight Arms
4Tattooed VoyagerBlueEncircled By Sunlight
5Corpulent NobleGoldEncircled by Stars
6Warty LeperRedCrowned with Fire
7Vile SerpentPinkCrowned with Gems
8Emaciated CorpseGreenCrowned with Bones
9Ferocious TigerBrownAccompanied by Shrieking Spirits
10Hungering MantisClay RedAccompanied by a Beautiful Harem
11Young GirlMarbledAccompanied by an Immortal Guru
12Old GuruVioletAccompanied by two enslaved Demons
13Great SpiderCopperAccompanied by a Consort Daeva
14Whorled SnailBrassPlays a lute of starlight
15Crucified ManPink FleshPlays a lute of screaming mortal flesh
16Burnt SkeletonTawny FleshCarries a pot of blessed waters
17Vicious SharkRaw FleshCarries a pot of blessed blood
18Gigantic TurtleBurnt FleshCarries urns of sanctified ash
19Ravenous FrogIronCarries urns filled with bound demons
20Powerful KingLapis LazuliRides upon a palanquin of gold
21Fearless SoldierInky BlackRides upon a palanquin of bone
22Simple FarmerMoonlight Rides upon a majestic steed
23Bountiful CowBlackened SkinRides upon ten thousand struggling slaves
24Gigantic FlamesPeachRides upon a blessed cow
25Boundless SmokeRiver BlueRides upon an elephant
26River DolphinIvory BoneIn unending conflict with a phoenix
27Mischievous MonkeyYellowIn unending conflict with their progeny
28Scarab BeetlePearlDestined to eat the Sun
29Capricious CrabNight BlackDestined to eat the Moon
30Clouds of StarlightBriny GreenDestined to Die and be Reborn Mortal

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