Tuesday, May 23, 2017

d20 Artisan Confections Generator

I've been busy teaching and prepping for a move, as well as doing some game design elsewhere for some private projects. I didn't want to neglect my blog much longer than I had, so what follows is a big old generator for making some fancy candy. Your PC might buy it as a gift, receive it as a gift, buy it while drunk and trying to swoon someone, or notice that's what the rich nobles eat while they're sucking down tavern swill.

d20Main Event...Embellishment...
1Savory CaramelsSweet Custard Filling
2Egg White NougatsLavishly Dusted Almond Powder
3Blackstrap Molasses ToffeeDecadent Flan Foundation
4Soft-balled FudgeSyrupy Peach Rum Drizzle
5Hard-crack Sour DropsFragile Chocolate Shell
6Chewy LiquoriceRose Syrup and Gold Flakes
7Fluffy MarshmallowFlaky Baklava Base
8Jellied LokumDrizzled Spring Honey
9Creamy FondantDrowned in Mead
10Sugary Orange PeelFluffed Yeasty Doughnut Base
11Sour AppleBean-Jam Cake Sticks
12Dragée Bitter-SweetsSpiced with Coffee Flakes
13Caramelized Peanut BrittleBoiled Sugar Rock Crumble
14Gooey Wine GumsRaspberry Starry Rock Rods
15Sugary Milk TabletIn a Baked Rum Brownie
16Sea-Salt Taffy ChewWith Miniature Pampushky Crumble
17Syrupy JalebiDollop of Gianduja Paste
18Iced CreamCrown of Dried Ananas Chips
19Sour-Spiced TartsTwisted in an Iced Fritter
20Cinnamon-dusted CookiesDripped in Cream and Mango

d20What Else?...
1Stamped with Confectioner's Seal
2Wrapped in Edible Ribbon
3Sugar Flower Topper
4Served on a Stick
5In a Velvety Bag
6In the Shape of a Fish
7Served with Edible Utensils
8Shaped like a Tiny Structure
9Stamped with Seal of Government Authority
10Decorated with Pictorial Icing
11Served in a Layered Jar
12Served in a Jug of Alcohol
13Cut in Starry Shapes
14Layered like a Pyramid
15Engraved Lettering
16Wrapped in Lavish Paper
17Folded in Mint Leaves
18Served on a Waffle
19Lucky Coin Inside Confection
20Served on Crisped Rice Grains

2Metallic GoldDivine
3Rainbow ColorsToo Rich
4Unnaturally PinkGritty-then-Smooth
5Ocean TonesChunky-then-Robust
6Earthen TonesSilken and Savory
7Greasy RedsPowerful and Heavy
9Golden YellowSour-then-Zesty
10Natural ColorsSavory-but-Bitter
11Freckled with RedLovely, but with notable hints of dairy.
12Unnaturally BlueSmooth-then-Spicy
13White with SpecklesToo Powerful
14Floral TonesIntoxicatingly Sweet
15Forest GreensSweet Enough to Make Ones Spit Hurt
16Noble's Cote de Arms ColorationSaltier than Expected
17Stone-likeSurprisingly like a Well-Cooked Steak
18Transparent and CrystallineSharp-but-Savory
19Fruit Color PaletteRough-but-Hearty
20Seasonal Color PaletteGreasy-and-Slick

I was going to add prices, but such things ought to cost a pretty penny anyway. These are special order foods for nobles, royalty, the rich and the powerful. A single serving should cost 1d8+2 Gold, and servings are smaller than any working folk would like; about the size of ones open palm. They're hedonistic-and-decadent anyway.

You can find a shop for such things in any big city where nobles do gather, but there's always a chance a chef in some backwater knows how to make a single one of these confections. If your system uses Gold for XP, buying oneself candy should count for such things.

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