Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dashing Clothing of Dolmenwood

While doing more prep work for my soon to arrive Dolmenwood game down in Brooklyn, I opted to check out The City of Iron blog and mine the resources I could there for my own malevolent ends.

As a result, I've added 60 more materials, clothing items, and embellishments. I've also added an additional 100 items in a motif/embroidery/design column, which also caused embellishments to shift a bit.

Materials are as expected, Clothing being what you're getting. Motif and Embroideries determine a pattern on the clothing, whereas Embellishments are things like buttons, trim, or accessories that come with it.

A bit rough, but it has room for potential use and really has that quality of "I got drunk and hit the fashion district" to it.

The original blog-post source is cited within the pdf, but for good coverage it is also linked here.

Working on a usability edit of my Dogs of Dolmenwood, as well as some random encounter stuff to go along with my Wanderlust system. I have the following month mostly to myself for productive purposes.

Also I'm going to be in Wormskin 7, having helped create some flavorful character/hireling random table generators.

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