Thursday, June 6, 2019

House Rules Document: Knave's Guide to Eberron

Hey y'all, sorry for the lack of production; work is killing me, nothing new there. Attached is a campaign document for a game I'm going to start running in a week or so, it's mainly a hack of Eberron for Knave, using Bastionland's Scars/Afflictions rules, and the Scales of Wars backgrounds; both of which are openly available on the web without any paywall.

Regardless, this is just a house rule document I'm tossing up here. A few of the changes include races/distinctions, which provide different types of benefits or bonus to HD to help represent the more heroic character types Eberron is meant to have. A lot of it runs on my own personal referee ideas in mind.

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I realize upon posting this, I did forget to put in rules for familiars, which might actually be useful for people. C'est la vie. Knave is a CC.A4 game, designed by Ben Milton.


  1. This is amazing work! You've done a wonderful job shoehorning most of the best Setting stuff into something as elegantly simple as Knave!

  2. Knave-based setting pamphlets is a wonderful idea.

  3. Thank you for this awesome post! I am going to link folks here this week on my blog/podcast.


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